Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To Stroll or Not To Stroll

I need some help girls....

As many of you know we are going to the Happiest Place on Earth soon.....Disney World.

I am completely torn and undecided on whether to use a stroller or not.

Chloe is 4....and truly hardly ever uses her stroller anymore....but we also seldom visit a location as LARGE as Disney.

We do plan on carrying lots of snacks and water so the under storage area would be nice.

Is getting "your" stroller from the stroller area after riding a ride a mess?

Is getting your stroller off and on various modes of transportation a pain?

If I know Chloe she will be begging to ride on daddy's shoulders or my back a good part of the day, therefore a stroller would be a life-saver.

When you leave your you just leave all your junk in it ??

So you can see my dilemma.....I have a handful of reasons for why to and why not to use a stroller.

Have you been lately...or maybe you have been somewhere similar....what do you think about the whole stroller at Disney thing.

Any tips or advice would be tinker-rific......hahaha..I could not help it....we are so READY !!

have a happy day
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C said...

I would totally bring it and use it. That's a lot of walking for a little one and too hot to carry her plus other stuff in. Make your honey carry the cash and cards so you can leave your purse at home...that way if your stroller walks off all they get is a stroller you don't really need anymore and some snacks, you know? I think you might regret not bringing it...especially when c bug gets tired. :)

Sara said...

I would bring it, it's not a big deal at all to park it at the rides, they have 'stroller' parking at Disneyland in Ca. We brought one for each of our kids, just a cheap one, just in case, but we were glad we did. I had a 5 year old at the time, and he rode in the stroller a lot. You could always have your hubby push you around in it, cause you'll be tired. :0)A LOT of walking, but great fun!

hautemommy said...

Definitely bring it! I also have a 4 year old and at Disneyland he diefinitely needs the stroller at parts of the day and you will be soooo glad you have it! It will help you hold all your stuff and be so well worth it! :) When we went, I just grabbed my purse from underneath and took that on rides with us, but left a bag with sweatshirts, snacks, etc, in the stroller! That way, in case it did get stolen for some reason, your purse would be with you!!! :) HAVE FUN xo!

Lindsay said...

Do you have a light umbrella stroller? If not, Id head over to walmart and pick up a cheapie that is light and easy to transport with a canopy. THis way you will have a stroller ready, and not have to wait on the LONG stroller line or worry about your stroller getting mixed with others. Dont leave anything in your stroller that you wouldnt want taken. Peaole Do take bags from strollers, both shopping and diaper. Definately make sure there is a canopy. It is still SOOOOOO hot here, and the little one will certainly get a bit heat tired.

Jennifer said...

Take a stroller, my daughter was almost 4 when we went and after walking around a few hours she was ready to ride. Retrieving the stroller after the rides was not a big deal for us nor was having it on the buses/trams etc. We took an umbrella stoller that folds up quickly. As for leaving your stuff, I took a backpack and my hubby and I took turns toting it. Have fun!!!

Trish said...

I would so do an umbrella stroller and maybe a backpack. I would not bring a purse at all, even though these places are expensive, it's so nice to just purchase what you need in there so then you don't have to carry it around!

leasletters said...


Bring it. Make sure you bring a cheap-o one just in case it gets lost. Your daughter and you will need it. There is a lot of walking!!! Tie a ribbon or something on it so you can tell it from everyone else's stroller. We leave for Disney in 22 days. (Not that I am counting or anything) I've been before and I've done a lot of research so if you have any questions, please let me know.

Amy Bell said...

well...i agree with all the ladies. we are going in december and luke is almost 5 and i am bringing is just a long haul for the little ones. i am bringing one for luke and one for zeke. we will each push one...the cheap ones are good...i also will probably bring the backpack....and look like a pack mule. :)

can't wait to hear about all your fun!

ivwhy said...

yes, bring an umbrella stroller & a backpack with snacks & drinks. we live 20 minute-ish from disnayland & we just go for a few hrs (we have annual passes)and sometimes, the 2 boys tire us out just for those few hrs. i can't imagaine w/ all he walking at disneyworld! BRING ONE!

Stelie Designs said...

Definitely bring a stroller! An umbrella stroller is easiest.

It's a lot of walking and long days so kids who normally walk will be tired and riding is better than carrying.

Have fun in Disney!