Monday, September 15, 2008

A Friend for a Minute

Daddy brought home a little friend
Daddy has a very soft spot in his heart for animals
Mr. Turtle here was in the middle of the road
Daddy could not just leave him there Chloe fed him
I call it a him because some animals seem like hims to me....some seem like hers....turtles just seem like hims.
nibble nibble
enough of the salad
since we know the best thing for Mr. Turtle is to let him go....we explained that to Chloe and hopped in the car and rode down to the lake
now to find the perfect spot
somewhere safe where the neighborhood kids won't find him so easily
we had fun Mr. Turtle
safe journey.....friend.

have a happy day

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1 comment:

Polka Dot Moon said...

How sweet is your husband! And he and Chloe searching for a perfect spot to release "him" is so precious!