Monday, September 22, 2008

For A Boy Or A Girl.....Well.....

Chloe and I picked up lunch yesterday at McDonald's
I don't like McDonald's very much
We have it every so often for Chloe....that kid loves a happy meal toy

She eats 1 1/2 maybe 2 of her nuggets.....1 or 2 down the chocolate milk then its on to the TOY

While ordering yesterday I was presented with the question...for a boy or a girl?
Meaning ...did I want the Batman Toy or the Wizard of Oz Doll

Chloe has absolutely no use for a Wizard of Oz Doll....she is not a doll kind of girl
However .... the idea of driving the BatMobile up and down my walls and kitchen counter just made her all giddy inside.

For some reason the boy or girl question caught me funny yesterday....well its for my precious baby girl...but yea she want the "boy" toy
So I pondered saying...."well its for my daughter but she would like the Batman toy"
Hmmm......I didn't want to sound like a wiener...and they probably would not catch all I said anyway...they seldom do
So I said......"boy"

From the back seat came....."Mom....I am not a boy"
"Yes honey....I know...they just wanted to know which toy you wanted"

Well...that didn't sit right....girls can play with cars too...and its FINE !!!
It bothered me and it bothered my Chloe....whom I them had to assure she could play with cars all day is she wanted...she did not ever have to get the baby doll....and bathe it...and walk it....and tote it around everywhere.
Of course if she wanted to...that would be fine.

I have always encouraged Chloe in her play....whether it be with a doll or a truck....a puppy or a dinosaur.
I think it is healthy to let our children be who they are...and not pressure them to "conform" to the ideas of what little girls and boys should be "doing"
You may catch Chloe from time to time with a baby but chances are it will be racing in a car.

So back to McDonald's....I am making a phone call today to let me know that I think they need to reword their ordering questions....Would you like the car or the doll? Would you like the Polly Pocket or the Neopet? Would you like the Indiana Jones Decoder or the Strawberry Shortcake Bracelet....which I must say Chloe would want the Strawberry Shortcake Bracelet...she does love Ms. Strawberry Shortcake I always did too....Yummy !!

Maybe if McDonald's can make that change then the girl who wants the BatMobile and the boy who wants the Wicked Witch Doll (which I have seen happen...much to the dismay of their daddy) won't be upset and grossed out if they overhear that they have just been called the opposite of what they are....cause gosh knows at that age they all start do develop the cooties ....what girl would want to be called a boy and vice versa. Ewwww !!!

have a happy day
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Just me.....Shelly said...

you know what?? I would be offended too. you make that call, girl! there's already enough sexism and "boy "girl" separation.....EVERYWHERE. I hate when in children's books, it's always the MAN firefighter, the WOMAN nurse, you get the idea. There should be more gender-neutral EVERYTHING out there. Sad that a boy is called a "sissy" if he wants to play with a doll (example), I see it as him learning how to care and show empathy. Whatever, I am rambling on now SORRY!! so, call em! tell em to change that up! k, have a happy day!

Sara said...

I agree 100% with you!!! My Chloe is the same way. Sure, she has dolls, but she also has barbie cars and for a while, even had some kick ass monster trucks (thanks to her daddy) and guess what those dolls were doing? yep, driving those trucks and cars! lol Now, Kylie, my youngest daughter, is all girly girl. At 1 1/2 she plays mommy. Has to have the diaper bag, bottles, clothes and all for her babies. (even for a 2 sec. trip! lol) ok, now that I have rambled, if you call, let us know how it goes!