Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Chloe kinda started school today
It was her "first" day
she only went half a day
this school staggers kindergartners in
She does not go again til' Monday
I do believe this made it easier on Momma
Knowing she would only be there til' 11:30
then I could go scoop her up

Chloe could have cared less either way
happily rockin' in the library rocking chair
waiting on the teacher to come and get her and the others
she kissed us goodbye
followed that teacher out the door
waved bye one last time
and that was it
she was gone.
I needed a BIG breakfast after that
G and I headed to The Boathouse
a darling little joint at the marina
right on the lake
a nice pleasing view to help me feel better
not to mention the bacon and eggs.
and of course a lil' bit of retail therapy never hurt a soul
My favorite chocolate chip cookies
Yum...I have ate these since of was a little girl...this is a true comfort food for me.
3 nice
storage baskets
never pass these up
and only $1 each at one of
my favorite thrift shops
Carbs oh how I love thee
A 6 pack of ramen noodles....YES !!!
You have got to be kidding me
Is that a bike wait....no....2 bikes (one is in the box) in my pantry??
It's too HOT to leave them outside he says.......Ha!
Wonder if its too HOT to leave him outside ???
His justification
There are vintage books and fabric in the pantry too.....so there !!
So....that was Tuesday
Streesed way out
Missing Chloe
Spending money
Eating Carbs
Jumpin' on the hubby
Glad its over
have a happy day
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chloejessica said...

We are flickr friends and I just found your blog! It is so cute and I love your daughters name! ;)

Stay@homemommy said...

What a day! Luckily I have a year until my daughter starts school, I am already dreading the day. Hope tomorrow goes a bit smoother!

Tracey said...

It's always tough sending them off to kindergarten. I've only made it thru 1 of my 3 kiddos so far...somehow I don't think the other 2 will be any easier!

:) T

Anonymous said...

Little Chloe loving to read!
My mom is a librarian in an elementary, so that was/always is my home away from home!

Happy first day you two!

Heidi said...

How fabulous that she was so adjusted to the idea and happily went with her teacher! Good job, Mom!