Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doubt It

Today is the day of the BIG scrapbook convention
You may recall.....I went last year
and Summer and I took photos of some guys we saw there
Its way funny to see men being forced to drag their bodies around the scrapbook show
So as fate would have it this year....Summer is out of scrapbook convention partner...GONE.
I asked hubby to take me......I don't particularly like goin' in to the BIG city by myself...this event it in the middle of Charlotte...not my cup of tea.
He groaned.....said oh....I might.
It's 8:28 am......wonder if he is getting up to take me ???

Doubt it
Let's be honest I need another sheet of paper or one more embellishments......
Doubt it
Have a happy day
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Margaret said...

Ours is next weekend. I have never been. I had already made plans to go this year. My husband was going to watch the kids. He had an employee quit though, and now he can't get off work :( Oh well maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

OH man, I hate it when you are looking forward to something and it doesn't quite work out... I hope your day was great anyways...!