Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disney Pt. 1

Oh how we LOVE Disney

This will most definitely be the last time we go in August
I knew it would be HOT...its not so much the HOT....its the HUMID yea....October or November in the future.
Did I mention that we LOVE truly is a place to leave it all a kid.....enjoy yourself.
It's my favorite place on EARTH.Miss CJ on a bike at Animal Kingdom
If you have been there you more than likely have a pic of your kid on it too
It screams for you to toss you child on it.
Animal Kingdom ..... one of the treks
tattered flags....just plain purdy.
Ha...Amy go get your heart out lil' buddy
A chic on a speeder bike
no doubt with her spray fan on the back
The spray fan
One of the most expensive things we purchased considering its purpose
but WELL worth the money in the end...kept Chloe and I both cool.....

One of many bus tired...the fake smile tells the tale
Norway in of the few countries with a ride...The Maelstrom
after the ride you are in TRUE Disney fashion dumped out into a gift shop
where you can purchase viking hats or just try them on.
My sweeties.....shark lunchlots and lots and lots
and still more
See those smiles.....
We heart or as is popular to say right now...big fat puffy heart Disney
have a happy day
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Kaety Two Birds said...

Great pics! You may have seen my friends and not even known it - they just got back from 2 weeks down there ... and they're all grown ups - all 5 of them! :D

Karin Schueller said...

I knew from the pics of your daughter that you must be pretty... but frankly, you are stunning. That's all I can say about this whole post, lol. I hope that's not creepy. ;)

Hoity Toity Baby said...

We {heart} Disney World, too! I grew up in Los Angeles and therefore grew up with the original Disneyland! So when I moved to Florida, met my hubby & had twins, we didn't wait! We bought annual passes when our little ones weren't even a year old yet! They're only 2 now and we're on our 2nd set of passes! Heading there next month! It truely is the most magical place on earth!

Summer said...

I can't believe little Chloe is starting school. I am glad to see you are back blogging, I missed your stories over the last couple weeks. I was also sad we missed the scrapbook convention--we will go in 2010! At least by then I might have used up all of the stuff we bought in 2008!