Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Stories

A while back
I love love love it
To me....there is nothing better than some "old" stuff
Well except maybe the stories.....on either end of said stuff.
Where was it?
Who had it?
What were they like?
and in selling it I love hearing the stories of where its goin' or the memories it brings.
So much that I almost feel like asking each customer
Why are you buying this ?? This beautiful yellow fabric is goin' to Washington State
to a group of sisters who are making curtains out out of it
for an old airstream camper they are fun !!!

This fabric is on its merry way to Washington State too
to a lady who was so happy to find it.....she had a dress made of it when she was little
She said she can't wait to see this very special Blast from the Past.This beautiful vintage bed sheet went to a girly in be transformed in to a maxi dress
What a great way to reduce...reuse and recycle.
and finally this darling little book now resides in Colorado
with a lady whose mom used to read it to her every night
Imagine seeing the photos and reading the words again.
Embrace Vintage......its so fun and wonderful
Etsy has so many wonderful vintage shops.....go never know what you may find.
have a happy day
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