Monday, August 17, 2009


In a matter of days my daytime routine will change.
I will have to sort of stick to a schedule.
I work for my I have never really had a TIME to be at work
Chloe and I have had easy time goals.

School starts soon and
you know what this means.
We will HAVE to have a schedule.

I need TIPS.....IDEAS.....Ha...if there are any....FUN ways for getting the kiddo outta
the bed and moving.
What helps.....?
Music.....making their own breakfast.....picking out their own clothes...does anything at all make them want to get out of the bed ???
What things is it just BEST to have done the night before ???

I need your advice....I simply do not want a battle every morning...I know a battle here and there is expected...but I want our mornings to be .....nice.

have a happy day
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Trish said...

have EVERYTHING layed out... her clothes, your clothes, lunches made, bags packed. This has helped eliminate me getting super frustrated with my kids that don't want to get out of bed. It also, allows them time for breakfast and one cartoon before school! Which gives me time to finish getting around, since I'm not a morning person either :)

Andrea said...

My very best tip is to do EVERYTHING possible the night before!

My Lizzie and I lay out her clothes, pack her backpack with all the necessary things, pack her lunch (or lunch money), make sure library books, permission slips, whatever are ready and in her backpack, locate hats/gloves/boots -

This has made mornings go soooooooo much more smoothly! (Which of course makes the whole day go better!!)

It wasn't always that way, and mornings were chaos. Once I started planning ahead - WOW.

We are starting 4th grade in another three weeks, and I cannot WAIT to get back to a routine. Everyone here enjoys the "free-wheelin'" summer days but ME! lol. I like a routine.

Best wishes to you on this new adventure. It's bittersweet... but so many fun new things to experience together!!

mommyholly said...

My son just started kindergarten two weeks ago and I am now getting used to living by a schedule too! :) The night before, we pick out school clothes, get the backpack ready and most importantly, go to bed EARLY! Kindergarten has been a huge adjustment for us since Andrew never went to preschool, so he is literally in bed by 7pm. Then he wakes up on his own before school and I don't have to wake him up! :) Good luck with the schedule, it gets much easier after a few days!!! xoxox Holly

Anonymous said...

Hi! Okay - I have a board on the fridge... It has the exact steps that they need to do.

And, they wear their clothes for the next day to bed - I know, I know... crazy, right? But, it saves ALL the changing drama - which was our biggest morning battle. They get to wear pj's on Friday and Saturday night - and they think it's such a big deal - so it works for us.

Take some time after they go to bed to go through their folder one last time, just to make sure that you didn't miss signing anything in all the craziness.

OH - and after school - snack and visit first, instead of rusing into homework - it gives some much needed unwind (even if just for 15 minutes).

I'll keep you in my prayers. It'll be great!!