Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disney Pt. 3

A rare treat Storm Troopers at Star Tours
You definitely see them more now that they are offering JEDI training.
This pair was kept the line moving.....shouting orders and waving their laser gun around
all the while adding to the!!

Waiting in line

for this....Power Rangers
While I do not let Chloe watch the Power Rangers show
I gave in and let her get a photo with all of them
2 reasons.....they are kinda fun to watch with all the dramatic posing and they are blasting jammin' music out of the car they arrive in
also....compared to EVERY other character their lines are short.
In case you have not ever been or at least its been several now wait in line
to see characters.
Remember the old days...when you saw just ran up....grabbed his leg
mom snapped a photo and you were on your way.
Lines now can be hour long thanks
Last year we waited that long and more for all the classics
Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto....I figure we don't
need to do that again for at least 5 years.....right.....I mean how much can they change.
hehe...park map in pocket....navigator.

ready to have fun.....check
on the BEST ride Disney has to offer.....check
Toy Story Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios
hands down the most fun we have.....we ride this over and over and over.....4-D gaming action and its a ride too.....this ride is by far our favorite.
There is a fairly new eating joint at Downtown Disney....T-Rex
loads of fun.....gobs of animated dinos inside.....good food...pricey though.
While you wait your kids can dig for dino bones in the pit....truly passes the time.
Oh Crystallllllllllllllllllllll......yes you.......of the famous Little Bit Funky
My challenge to are always showing off your rice krispie treat creations....
Let me see you do this my friend !!!
No tiny little Mickeys either...this baby was .... Oh....18 to 20 inches......get busy....and when you are all know my address.
With all of the FUN to be had at Disney
one of the things I enjoy most is watching the staff.
Crazy right....but...I'm tellin' you...they run like a fine oiled machine.
You simply DO NOT see trash on the ground....a Disney employee nearly grabs it before it hits the ground. Even the execs walk around with those long tongs....picking up garbage on their way to a meeting. This little fellow above was squeegeeing the grounds after rain......that's right...not even a little rain is allowed to hang around.
While I sat here....oh about 30 minutes waiting on my cuties who were riding a ride....the garbage cans around me were emptied twice and they dig all recyclables out of the trash.....beautiful.
This baby needs no introduction.
A little trick we employed this cups.
A FINE lady working at the Electric Umbrella at Epcot told us...if you hold onto these
cups you can refill them.......WHAT ????
Serious ??????
We stuffed these babies in our backpack and refilled them all day.....each day at every park we would buy a drink...stash the cups and use them all day.
I'm guessing this saved us around $100.00.
Remember that the next time you go......great tip !!
have a happy day
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BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

My favorite rid at WDW is Soarin' at Epcot. I could ride that thing over and over 9 bazillion times! it is SO fun and oddly relaxing for me.

So true about the Disney cleanliness. The parks are always, always spotlessly clean and tidy. AND the employees are unfalteringly nice, helpful, cheery and pleasant. My favorite park is Epcot and I just love how the employees from each "country" are actually FROM that country. The employee accents make it even more fun.

It's been a few years (OK, 7) but my first trip we stayed at a Disney resort (Coronado Springs) and they sold refillable plastic souvenir mugs for $10.95 that are good for free refills forever, at any park or resort. No idea if they still do that, but I used that same mug 3 years in a row! Such a great deal. I forgot to take it w/ me my last trip (May 07) and was thirsty the whole time. lol

Amy Bell said...

i am reading your posts and i am SOOO jealous...we loved that place...oh, and can we just go ahead and schedule that arranged marriage right away? i think that luke is in love. at 5. any girl that is beautiful and loves star wars? wow. that's amazing...

thinking of you tomorrow.....xoxo