Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creative Genius

I like to think I am creative
A genius.....maybe not
but creative YES.
I pull ideas from everywhere
I mostly have them when I sleep
which results in many a restless first hour of every night
When an idea or color combo creeps in I have to get it on paper
quick....before another one comes and sweeps that one away (and this phenomenon is getting worse with age)
This is my inspiration board
where I stick goodies
that make me smile
make me wanna make something
it doesn't really have to be an idea...just color
or something special from a friend
Chloe crafts (the BEST )
or a photo of a lovie dovie
even a sprig of ribbon
anything can foster creativity
There are MANY jewels up there from Shelly
my crafty soul mate
Shelly and I spend many an hour....talking
sharing ideas
talking about our kids
helping each other.....she is a big motivator and inspiration to me

speakin' of Shelly
eat your heart out.....feast your eyes on the lovely
journal she made just for me
so anyway....let's bring this post full circle.....
what inspires you ??
do you have an inspiration board.....if you do, what's on it
Do you know a creative genius you would like to give a shout out ( I can't believe I just said shout out) to.....comment about us to their work...we would all love to see it.

have a happy day
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Allikaye's Mama said...

I must and Shelly are my top inspiration peeps! Seriously! You are the one that helped me open up my Etsy shop almost a year ago! And you were also my first purchase in the Etsy world too! I LOVE your creative creations! You and Shelly are meant to be - with your skillz!

BlackCatMima / Tobelina said...

My biggest craft inspirations are color, nature, the four seasons and whatever little whimsy pops into my head.
I don't have an inspiration board, just a lot of jumbled ideas floating in my brain at any given time. Always lots of plans in there. Some of them have come to fruition, some not. Not yet anyways. :)
I am Shelly's stalker (shhhh, don't tell her - I think she knows, but keep it to yourself for now OK?) She was one of the first Etsy sellers i bought from and I love love love her cute shop. she taste in things is soooo similar to mine. Because of her I have taken on the monumental task of learning to sew. WITH A MACHINE. It's scary, but Shelly made me do it!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun friend and a GREAT gift!
Its adorable!

Stay creative--we need more people like you out there!

Just me.....Shelly said...

hmmm...good question, my friend. For me, it's like...WHAT DOESN'T inspire me? I drive myself crazy all day long, always visualizing things, seeing things, putting things together in my head. Ugh, it's exhausting, hahahahha!
(but fun)....dunno if I could function any other way, really!

enjoy the journal....and thanks for those know the ones that were gone before I ever had a chance to eat dinner. scrump-dil-i-umptious!