Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday in the Studio

Sunday in the studio
Chloe and I
waiting for daddy to finish primping
so we can head to church
a busy place this little studio
its my own studio and I could sit in here and
look at stuff.....forever
these lovely hoops were a breakthrough for me
if you know anything of my KNOW
I do not dabble in these colors
a lovely customer sent me
a photo of her daughters bedding...and asked for 3 hoops
my first thought was.....oh boy.....I don't have any fabric at all
to match that.......a shopping we will go
I had sooo much fun making these hoops
stepping outside my crafty pink yellow red green teal box
it was fun....a create something in colors I normally do not even see or notice
could you just bite these or what ???
strawberry ornaments
have no idea what they will become...just had to have em'...wouldn't you ??
owl towels for a very unique bride to be
this special order is for cousin who just had the BEAUTIFUL wedding
her buddy Maggie is getting married soon and these are for her.....if Summer sends me any photos of Maggie's wedding I WILL have to share them...she is the most darling and fun and funky chic...her wedding will have to be delicious !!!!
I have no clue why I needed these.....
I don't know if I can part with them or not
had no idea fabric was ever sold like 3 yard bundles
these are from Woolworth
beautiful yummy fabric....and only 47 cent a to me baby !!!!
If you have to have these and you have oodles of money you want to give me for them...let me know.
Cutie pa tootie
Yummy in my Tummy Butterfly
I had full intentions of turning this into something sweet for the shop
its another one of those goodies I think I have to keep.
The Cowboys and Indians sold in the vintage shop I promised Chloe one of each color and a horse before I packaged them up
She YeHaaaaaaaaaaaaweedd....all morning long.
have a happy day
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A Frugal Friend said...

Oh, I can sit and stare too. You are so talented! :-)

Just me.....Shelly said...

ugh, why did you have to show me all that? I feel sick now.

SOOOOO cute.