Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stupid Dog ???

You have met her....our new black and tan weenie dog.
She is a little crazy.
Kennel training simply did not work for her.
She is not a kennel dog.
Kinda like I am not a wool sweater kind of girl
it just does not work for me
and kennels don't work for her.
She goes ape.....completely berserk
So after speaking to a dog trainer as opposed to out vet ( which of course pushes kennel training)
we came to the conclusion the kennel was out and she suggested we keep her in our largest bathroom.
So we do
and it has worked well.
I mean.....she is a pup....she messes...but is manageable as opposed to the kennel
which she could turn do not need all the details.
Each day Daisy is put into our master bath.....which has a separate little room
where the toilet lives and its VERY IMPORTANT that that door be closed or
Daisy and the toilet paper have a complete BASH.... ALL DAY ~!!!
Ahem.....Hubs is the putter upper of Daisy each and every day as I leave first to take
the chap-ola to school.
Today was the THIRD day in about a month that Mr. JaneSays oooops...forgot
to shut the toilet room door.
As you are already imagining today Daisy turned the toilet paper into a fine as dust pile in the floor.
I do I do I do leave this mess for hubs to handle when he gets home....its the least I
can do to enforce the proper behavior........right ????
I'm wondering....upon his seeing this disaster each time.....why is it the dog that is stupid ???

Silly husband......

have a happy day
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kalibug said...

Our weenie dog (Daisy Mae) is 5 and is still crazy, lol! Enjoy your pup!!

Jeanneoli said...

We are wanting to get a puppy once #3 is potty trained...maybe not:-)