Thursday, September 3, 2009

Five On Friday

Fred Flare
A fun shop
with oodles of fun goodies
A fun lil' place to browse around
Camera Bib
now that is just plain adorable
What ??
remember the cinnamon we made
back in the day....yum !!

Sugar sweet ice cream timer
I've been thinkin' I need something
CUTE to let Chloe know when her Wii playing
time is up.

Stop it !!
so your syrup never settles at the bottom
Genius !!!

What is is about a chunky pencil that is
so comforting....oh those grade school days.
These would be GREAT for the kiddos.
have a happy day

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Anonymous said...

that bib is the cutest thing EVER. I should get it for my sister in law (photographer). SO adorable.

Sweetina said...

I love Fred Flair!!! Thanks so much for posting and reminding me to check out the latest! Have you tried BuyOlympia? Fun!
xox Tina

Anonymous said...

Love those cotton candy toothpicks, and the case is tooooo cute, I would alter that!! I am seriously loving those chunky coloured pencils as well.

hatjunkie said...

wow, your blog is like eye candy. It's so fresh and fun. I love the ice cream timer. My son would flip.