Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fine Art Of Eating

I LOVE to eat
I LOVE food
I love southern .....fried.....greasy food
I love snacking before meals...after meals...all around meals....
I know it's bad....I just can't stop
Potato Chips and Ketchup
One of my favorite snacks
salty yuminess
and lil' pizzas made of saltine crackers...ketchup...and a quarter of a slice of American Cheese
pop it in the microwave to melt the cheese.....heaven.

Whether I have a witness to this or not I do not know
I try to do it in a stealth mode
but I sometimes eat with my fingers....I am not scared to pick up
a pork chop and bite it....I'm a lady....I do use a fork....just sometimes
Oooh....I have to ditch the fork.

I occasionally smack ...... I know I do....hubby tells me....I even hear it sometimes
good food deserves a lil' smacking.....Mmm Mmm...good !!

I can not drink water with meals....blech
I gots to have my sweet tea.....except for fajitas when I have to have Pepsi

I simply refuse to eat the end of a chicken finger....where that little
tendon thingy is.....my plate looks real crazy after chicken fingers with all
those bits lying around.

I may very well use 6 napkins at one meal.....I'm messy...and Chloe is following right along behind me......nice.

Eating.... I love it
Its my little peculiarities that make it so enjoyable
I want my food the way I want it
and I want to eat it the way I want to...fingers and smacking and all.

If you have an over the top sinful snack that is a lil' unordinary that I must try..... do tell.

have a happy day
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Trish said...

oh dear, I thought I was reading my profile for a minute :) we sound similar in our food tastes :)

Katy said...

Oh man....I LOVE eating as well and YOUR post is making me hungry for something odd! (fun)
I posted, well a while back about "odd food" choices and it was fun hearing the comments.
Some fun things I enjoy:
1. Parmasean Cheese on popcorn w/ Louisiana hot sauce and butter.
2. Plain yogurt w/ season salt mixed in it and fritos.
3. Use to put ketchup on my pizza
... I could go on and on and on.
Fun post.

Kelly O. said...

you are too too funny! I smack too!

Pamela said...

You know in Canada there is such a thing as Ketchup Chips. Yes, exactly...wait for it, wait for it...exactly. Heaven.

A Scrappy Design said...

Potato chips & ketchup are the bomb! However, I love ketchup and would eat it on just about anything. For example, ketchup on frozen pizzas and not just any frozen pizzas, it has to be the cheapy Totinos or some other brand like that. YUM!

I also like to dip my french fries in a chocolate malt/shake.