Thursday, October 1, 2009

Manners and Stuff Like That

The whole time your kids are growing up
You stress .... please....thank kind........your face will freeze like that (ha)
WELL WELL....Chloe has started school and we are 1 month into it
and the manners.......mannerisms......faces......grunts......gestures.......OH
I KNOW I (we) have done a good job....sure I (we) dropped the ball here and there
Sure I (we) lost my cool in front of her more than once
but SURELY she did not pick up all of this at HOME......did she?

I need help........The Bible...praying.....set the example....I got ALL that
Do you have any methods.....techiniques.....for example I was thinking....
each day when Chloe gets home.....have her tell me.....ONE nice thing
she did for someone else today.
What do you do you correct dirty looks....grunting and hurumphing....and you know that leaky tire sound when she does not get her way.
Are there to raise a kind....strong....girl....with GREAT social skills and manners ??

Its just so strange to see her act so......well.....worldy....and frankly its FREAKING me out. to me
have a happy day
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Kelly O. said...

for nasty talk we use a bit of hotsauce on a spoon. She doesn't like it and when she tells me it's spicy or it hurts or tastes bad I tell her that's how her attitude tastes in God's mouth and how it also hurts me. It's a good correction tool but I only use it for out and out defiant/nasty talk--like yelling "no!" when I ask her to do something or for calling her brother a poo-head or stuff like that....
good luck!
vinegar works too....

Anonymous said...

I LOVE 'Wise Words for Mom'. It teaches scriptures that address all sorts of behavorial issues - complaining, bragging, everything! I found one on Amazon for ya!
Hope this helps.

Amy Bell said...

oh..i get that sometimes...i make jokes about it...luke was throwing tempers and i told him his head was going to pop he smiles and stops the behavior....i have used wise words for mom..wonderful...and if it is a serious issue, i read them scriptures about the heart...and go through our discipline steps...i love me some chip ingram..effective parenting.

sounds like she is right on track for being a normal, healthy 6 yr old....much love.

Anonymous said...

i remeber this exact thing happening when my daughter was in kindergarden. i used to be so proud b/c she always had the best manners. then all the eye rolling, and but mom, hissing and sighing really shocked me. i found that if you keep on her with the discipline, whether its no t.v. for the day or time out, it might take all year but by first grade they come back to you. my daughter is now in second grade and we still struggle some days but not nearly as everytime we pray at night,we pray for "all" of our attitudes:)

Kristie said...

sounds exactly like what we experienced once our daughter was off at school all day. it was really heart-wrenching for me to accept her being gone for so many hours each day and exposed to all these other influences and the things she picked up! BUT you have built a good foundation so just keep reinforcing it and you will prevail!! i don't think this ever really ends; the specifics just keep shifting and we have to hang in there and not give up on the end goal, right?!! you are not alone!! :)

Jennifer said...

We really like the Love and Logic Parenting books. It's all about natural consequences. We use it w/ our 6 yr old and it's a lot of "I'll be happy to talk/listen to you when your attitude is respectful", sending him to his room (or to a safe spot to sit if we're out) and saying that he's welcome to come out of his room when he's ready to be respectful. Sometime it's taken some time, he is a little stubborn, but I am more stubborn and I like that it works without physical punishment (I do think there's a place for that too, just maybe not for eye rolling, just my opinion) or me getting worked up and full of attitude myself. It really puts the kid in charge of the situation, when they are in control of their attitude, they will be allowed to talk to you. It puts it all on them. It's great! As far as physical punishment goes and the person that talked about hotsauce on a spoon, our preschool teacher suggested once that if you were a soap kind of person, that dish soap was the BEST at soap-in-the-mouth-as-punishment. It doesn't wash off as easy as bar soap, the more water you add, the more soapy it gets. She said it works like a charm with her 4 kids. So there you go! A few suggestions from my household! Hang in there!