Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grooming A Thrifter and A GIVEAWAY FREEBIE for you to SHARE

Early dismissal day at school
that means one thing
we have time for some thrifting.Chloe is truly becoming a fabulous thrifter.
She can pick out the best goodies
it tickles me pink.
She knows what I like
and she loves vintage stuff too.
She is so cool.

She knows her vintage from non-vintage
and even real vintage from new made to look vintage
Can you believe all the treasures we found today ??
I am the type that never grabs a cart at the thrift store
but the goodies were so plentiful today we needed a cart
everywhere we went.
These beauties (which work) will become part of my personal
Christmas production....they are so charming and make me so happy
when lit.....just so festive.
Chloe and I have been fighting over these since
SHE found them today....a whole family of flocked deer
She wants them for play I want to sell them
keep an eye on the vintage shop to see who wins this one
See the tiny yellow birdie.....oh....its the BEST!!
Love the lil' stuffed bonnet girly.
Strawberries...good enough to eat. these little Santas ( I am sitting in bed at the moment...... soooo I will get a Santa count on here soon....there are probably 20 or so)
Edited to Add; YES ... there are 22 Santas.
I want to give these away.
I believe you put a Hershey's kiss in their mouth
Then as the instructions state you pinch his cheeks
and his mouth opens and the kiss in there inside....waiting
to be devoured.
So how do you get them..... I want these to go to someone in need this Christmas.....
I know this rinky dinky Santa will not fix even one of their problems....but perhaps it will make them if you or your church visit shelters....or nursing homes....or children's homes and you WILL USE these....please tell me how you plan to do that in the comments section....and I will pick one person to receive the santas...probably randomly....but perhaps not if one just touches my heart a little more.
I will post the name of the recipient after the comments have slowed so please come back and check to see if you will receive the Santas....and thank you in advance !!!!
last but CERTAINLY not least
check out my clock...this jewel was $2.99
crazy....I know
It is just stunning.....its not working now...I do believe I will have it worked on
but even it I don' will be just lovely hanging anywhere....little cutie !!!
I just love thrifting with Chloe.....we have so much fun....and I love to daydream about
when she is older and will remember all the times she and I dug through some old junk and found all these treasures and then how I made her use anti-bacterial two times when we got in the car.
Good Times
have a happy day
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BlackCatMima said...

"I love to daydream about
when she is older and will remember all the times she and I dug through some old junk and found all these treasures and then how I made her use anti-bacterial two times when we got in the car."
That is the best thing I have ever read in any blog, ever! LOL!
Umm, and I've been lookin' for some flocked deer. But I want to glitter and glitz them up as Christmas decorations!

Anonymous said...

You asked, Can you believe all the treasures we found today ?? Quite frankly the answer is no, I am totally amazed by your treasures. That little clock made my heart go pittar patter, it's adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the thrift shop idea!

What to do with the Santas... I think I would have the kids go caroling again at the retirement home down the block ~ but this time, they'd have something LOVELY to pass out when the smiling faces came out to see them!

Anonymous said...

Every year at work we adopt a family in need at Christmas. Usually they have 2-3 children, we provide them with toys, shoes, and Christmas dinner.

I would give the Santa's to our adopt a family.
Probably jazz up the gift and put them on top :)

GeorgiaPeachez said...

What a haul, you lucky girl! xo, suzy

LoveLeeSoaps said...

Your thrift stores must be like walking into heaven! I wish mine had just 1 of the many treasures you found. :)

Lydia said...

You are as in love with the vintage Christmas as my family is! I love it!

I'm putting in my request for 5 of the Santas (if you're willing to split them up, that way there will be some left for others. don't get me wrong... I'd find something to do with them ALL!).
2 of which I would use to go with our Angel Tree gifting. I don't know if it's called that where you live, but it's where they put a tree full of names (with info on the back) of children who won't HAVE a Christmas unless YOU provide it for them. It's always been my family's tradition to get names from there. Then when my own were born, I started the tradition of us picking the names together. Always picking the same sex as mine (so always a girl), and then also choosing the same age. Which... right now is 15 next month and 18 in January. I couldn't find an 18, but they had a 19, so I took her. They actually THANKED me, because they said they feared that "nobody would take the 19 year old because she's too old for presents". Since when are you too old for presents?!?
Now that I'm working with older kids, I usually pick out a cool fancy stocking and fill it with jewelry, makeup from, homemade edible goodies... just small items like that. I would love to include 2 of these awesome santas in their gift, because I'm sure they've NEVER seen one (*I* haven't!) and I can't see how it WOULDN'T make them smile. We also adopt their entire family and I buy all the "fixings" so that the Mom can make a nice Christmas dinner. I usually include some of our own favorite recipes in case she wants to try something new. (Like a Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake!)

The other 3... for myself and my 2 daughters (Hey, at least I'm honest, right? LOL) I collect vintage Christmas myself, so one for me. And for the past few years, we've been building up Christmas decorations that my girls will take to their OWN trees when they no longer live with me. These Santas would make a fabulous addition.

I got an awesome vintage find myself the other day. My blog link will show up here, so maybe I'll get the pics of it up and blog about it so you can see. I'm so giddy, though my find was NOTHING like yours.
I got a ziplock (small) baggie filled with Vintage Santas of all sorts. For A DOLLAR!
Then for FOUR dollars (I hope you're sitting!), I got this wall hanging. It's a Christmas tree made out of various vintage buttons. And it has a small strand of lights strewn through the tree. Now, all the bulbs weren't there, and those are the kind where if you're missing ONE, it won't work. So as soon as I can unearth my Christmas goodies, or just buy a small pack at the store, we'll see if the lights work too. That'd be awesome. If not, maybe I can figure out how to take it off without disturbing the buttons and put a NEW strand on there. When my daughter and I saw it, we both gasped. The lady that runs the flea market was so sad, because she'd been toying with buying it herself (she collects buttons, and she'd have to buy it like the rest of us because she just rents out booth space), but now it was too late! All mine! :D

Anyway, there you go. ENTIRELY too lengthy, but I wanted you to know the backstory. xoxo

- L