Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tubular Owls

I have always kept toilet paper rolls
and paper towel rolls
just in case we needed them.
but I always end up tossing them after I collect a few because I
never have big plans for them.
Well after I saw this post
I collected me a little pile of tubes
for a finally worthy creation.

First cut your longer tubes in half (if you like)
and then paint them all
and allow them to dry.
Smush each side down towards the inside of the tube until you get ears.

Apply your eyes.
We used some googly eyes
and made our own out of black and white felt too.
Cut and glue on beaks.
The beak is just a triangle.
We used mustard colored felt, you could use fabric or painted cardboard.
Love the cross-eyed one.
Next cut wings from paper or fabric we used fabric.

Each owl gets 2 wings so they will be the same fold your fabric or paper over and cut
2 at the same time.
Cut your wings in an eye shape.
Glue these onto the side of your owl.
What a colorful smart little family.
They were way too cute to go nameless.
Meet our owls....Gatorade is my personal favorite.
Cotton Candy is Chloe's favorite.
Raspberry is the one Chloe made especially for her daddy and also the one who takes a plunge
into my kitchen sink daily. I have them lined up on my windowsill above my sink, and every time I turn on the faucet Raspberry gets nudged and into the sink he goes.

He stares me down from the bottom of my sink with those googly eyes until I pick him up and place him safely back on the windowsill and there he nervously awaits his next plunge.

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Crystal said...

great minds think alike...i have a stash in my closet that i have been saving to do this craft! :)

Lizzie said...

Love your owl family - wish I'd found them before I went to teach arts and crafts last week, the younger girls would have loved to make these - another time.

poohdbear said...

Adorable cheap n simple glad girls loved making them.
Thx 4 sharing

A Little Creative said...

gorgeous! I'll share on my page: :)

controlling craziness said...

Cute idea. Saw this on pinterest.