Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yet another end

It's true another "end" is upon me.
The end of first grade.
I'll skip all the feelings because I know you already know them
many many many of you have experienced them yourselves.
Where did my baby go seems to be the running theme.

First grade was fun.
We had a super class and an even more super teacher.
I am fortunate to have an intelligent fun-loving child
so every aspect of first grade came so easy to her
it was a breeze.
The math was the area that seemed to really change by
leaps and bounds in comparison to kindergarten.
I will admit the word problems that got sent home with her
often upon first look stumped me.
I more than once had to call my former 1st grade teacher mom
to say..."how do I explain to her how to do this?"
The social skills have blossomed
as has the occasional smart mouth and I'll kill you with my eyes glances. Yikes !!
But the most wonderful
happy happy joy joy thing that has blessed me is the sight
of her reading.
CHOOSING to read.
Grabbing a book and reading and reading until she is done...with chapter mere days.
On the day of these photos...she asked me for my sewing machine chair so she could sit
right in front of the door, outside....and read.
Thank you first grade.

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Karen~ said...

Yes April...and it just picks up speed it seems! My son will be a senior this coming year and I cannot even comprehend it.


Chelsea said...

I feel your pain, April. They grow up way too fast.
Addison had a blast with Chloe at Summer's last month. We should get them together again!