Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sparkler Writing Equals Summer Fun

Need a fun Summer activity?
Have some sparklers?
Have a camera with a long exposure setting like the night setting on a SLR camera for instance ?

Then you are ready for a very fun and exciting Summer activity.
Wait until its dark, grab your sparklers and head outside.
Sit your camera on a flat surface or use your steadiest hand....long exposures
are just that...they take a long time so you have to hold your camera very still.

(I had my flash firing, if you want your photos all dark don't do that and you can also have your sparkler writers wear all black too, for darker photos )Then have your sparkler artists draw designs, letters, symbols.
It will take practice you will miss shots, you will have blurry shots, and you will have shots where absolutely nothing is happening with the sparkler.
We did this for a long time, its fun and addictive.
We did initials, hearts, start, Mickey Mouse and MORE !!

Go sparkle and have some fun.
Please be safe with your sparklers.

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