Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm still here

I'm here....I'm just busy, soaking up life.

My baby is getting BIG and it is more apparent everyday so Ispend of a lot of my time just staring at her, trying to memorize her 6 year old face.

Letting the way she holds her pencil and the way she licks Dorito's nacho cheesey dust off her fingers burn their way into my memory.

I'm re-doing the playroom to include an oh so fine reading nook that I will share.

I made a chicken pot pie last night that was divine..the last time it was dry as a bone so I was happy it was creamy and moist and just delicious this time.

We have one more week of school here....we are so ready for days together and the good and sometimes messy times they will bring.

I had an Ob/Gyn appt. and the pap came back normal...that ALWAYS freaks me out until I get the results....thankful for my health.

I have been watching brood after brood of baby house sparrows grow big enough to fly away from their nests that are tucked safely in the corners of our porches.

I'm busy trying to breathe some new life into JaneSays....JaneSays Vintage is just so easy I have neglected my crafty baby JaneSays for quite a while...but she and I have been cuddling in the corner and we have some ideas a' brewing. be back soon..when life allows me...sometimes it's just to good to sit down and blog...ya know ?

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1 comment:

Summer said...

Hey Cuz! I miss ya. I know the feeling, I have been doing the same trying to remember, document, enjoy, cherish each of Sunny's moment and it is going so fast. I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow. Sunny misses her aunt ;-)