Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Rule In My House

A week ago Chloe, while sitting on the potty and having some time to herself she
dropped one of her Jungle in my Pocket animals in the potty.
After checking out the situation I took a vote and Chloe,the dogs and I thought it was best to get Mr. JaneSays.
Mr. JaneSays was thrilled to be so popular and loved by his peers that he would be chosen for such a task.
I wanted to just flush it but Mr. JaneSays said that might be bad for the pipes and Chloe wanted her animal back......really !?!?!

So by a means I am not sure of Mr. JaneSays rescued the critter and said critter took a spa vacation in the dishwasher.
So Mommy made a rule No more playing with small toys while sitting on the potty.

One hour ago Chloe was having another moment to herself..... reading her Dairy of the Wimpy Kid, which is not a small toy so it's ok. Right ? Well ..... what do most books that you are reading have ?? Yes...a bookmark...you got it...in it went.

New Rule Effective 1-4-2011 NO objects of any kind on the potty....ever again.

Am I the only lady that has to make these crazy rules....tell me.

have a happy day

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