Friday, January 21, 2011

Chloe Said

just moments ago

(the scene)Chloe is in her bed.....we are in ours

Chloe: Moooommmmm....can I get a wet washcloth ?

Me: why?

Chloe: my face is sooo hot.

Me: No Chloe...just go to sleep.

she runs into my room...with those 6 yr. old heavy feet, fists pumping by her sides

Chloe: but Moooommmm...I'm so dern hot.

Me: No washcloths in your bed...go to bed...NOW.

(normally I would let her have a washcloth....but tonight it's not hot and I KNOW when she really wants a washcloth and when she just does not want to go the bed.....tonight it's the latter)

(she is now back in her room)

Chloe:'s so hot on my least turn on the ATM.

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Tenley Clark said...

Hehe that is too cute! Gotta love kids and the silly things they say.

sjmcdowell said...

Ahhh I would love to turn on the ATM in my house and feel the nice cool breeze of money hitting my face!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Love this one April!! Your daughter is as old as my grandson John!!

Hugs and many Smiles,