Friday, January 21, 2011

Ta Daaaaaaaaa remember I introduced you to Nina a day or so ago.

Nina is the super cool lady with the Beautify Your Blog series which walks you SIMPLY thru tweaking some areas of your blog......things you always wanted to do to your blog but didn't know how and didn't really want to pay someone to do for you.

Nina is having a lil' link up party this weekend so everyone can show off their new blog beatifications.

Here is a list of mine.

1.I increased the overall width of my main body (ha I also did that at dinner tonight cheese dip is my weakness).

2. I removed that despicable blogger navigation bar from the top this may be the change I wanted the most.

3. I now have grab buttons....over there on the an copy that html blah blah stuff and put my button on your blog...Yipeeeee !!!!

4. I now have one custom page and hope to have more. I created a tutorials page where readers can go to find all the nice. I have more pages in the works including recipes and children books we LOVE.

5. And last but certainly not new signature is a cute lil thing....I have always wanted one but had no clue...and now .... well I am happy lil' blogger.

Nina hats off to you rock indeed !!!

Now like I said the other day....get on over there to Momma Go Round's Beautify Your Blog Series and beautify your blog.

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Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Your blog is so cute! I love the button for the tutorial page!

-Many Smiles!

Amber said...

She was so helpful and I am so appreciative. Your blog looks great and I love the signature

Ladybird Ln said...

Your blog is sOooo Cute, I love all of your buttons, I have loved nina's series as well!

~Claire~ said...

I'm using Nina's series too! You've done a great job using her tuts. LOVE your siggy with the pic! And the scissors for your tuts page is adorable!!