Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chloe Said

Snowed in again today.
Movies help pass the time this morning we are watching Despicable Me.
Where Steve Carell is the voice of Gru
an eventually loving criminal mastermind.
If you have never heard the voice of Gru, YouTube has a pile of clips you can watch and listen to here.
When we watch this movie....we enjoy Gru's voice...it's funny and clever...and fun to listen to
Today, Chloe turned around to me and asked....."Did he (Steve Carell ) go to the dentist
to get that accent?"
I love that kid......sometimes the world must just seem so bizarre to a kid....huh?
Come back soon for another edition of Chloe Said.
have a happy day

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1 comment:

christi said...

i want to be snowed in! have a great day enjoying movies!