Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Valentine Gift

Valentine's day is coming quickly.
You can win one of my super sweet
10 Things I Love About You sack
to get you all ready for LOVE day.
Each and every year this is a Best Seller at JaneSays. These make a really simple and sweet gift.
They will last much much longer than candy and mean much more than
a store-bought card.
Write one thing you love about the recipient on each heart.
Drop them in the sack and's done.
Now you have a Valentine gift that anyone would LOVE.
These are great for your spouse...your parents....and I think especially your kiddos.
The wording can be changed to suit you....for example if you want it to be from you and your hubby to the kids....we can change I to We.
To enter leave me a comment telling me who you would give your bag to and what you would write on one of the hearts.
You can pick from either design.
I will pick a winner sometime Tuesday the 18th....come back to see if you won.
If you win the bag and you really need more than one....I will offer a discounted price to you for up to 3 bags.
Oh and one more thing.....since I posted this right on top of my previous post....please do go read it and tell me which apple you love....mmmk? Thanks.
Good luck and have a happy day
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. said...

Cute bags! Your store is so colorful & happy! I would give the bag to our 16 yr. old daughter and on one of the hearts I would write "You Matter" because especially at this blooming age it is so easy to not feel that way. It would be my reminder that yes, she is someone that this world, to God and to her momma :)


Andee said...

I would give this to my husband and one would say "Because you believe in me." Love the bag!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I would give it to my mom and I would tell her "I think of you everyday."

Jessica said...

adorable...i would give it to my husband with one of the hearts saying "because you can always make me laugh".

AubreyLaine said...

I would give to my husband and one would say "You have a heart for others"

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

OMG this is so adorable! What a cute idea and so fun to display.

I would give it to my hubby for sure. I don't always tell him all the things I love about him and I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing it.

PS: SO glad you are enjoying my Beautifying series! I love that I can help others enjoy their blogs more. Glad you figured out your dashboard too! Let me know if you need any help with anything!

Mdegraeve said...

sweet bags:) i would give it to my hubby b/c he would not ge expecting it. on i would write "you make me laugh everyday". thats a great quality that never changes ;-) i would also like one for nana from my four girls. they could write what they like. on another note, i am a fruit gal and i prefer granny smith apples. crunchy and sour. yum

nicky said...

Such a cute idea. I would give the bag to my parents. And one heart would say "becuase of your wonderful unconditional love"

Stephanie C. said...

I would give it to my husband, and write on one about how is a great dad!

Jenine said...

I would give it to my boyfriend. One would say, "because of you're a true gentleman."

sjmcdowell said...

Jane what a cute idea!!

I would give the first one to my husband...I would say Thank you for being My best Friend...I Love You!!
Then I would have to buy three more
for my sons!!

Thank you for the chance!!


Gram said...

Oh, I need one for my husband - the first thing I would write is "I am Blessed to have You" or one for my grandson and I would write the same thing.

Michelle said...

Hey there! First of all...I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK IN BLOGLAND! I've missed reading your posts and seeing what crafty things you're doing or what cool stuff you've found thrifting!
Anyway...I would DEF. give this bag o' love to Robbie, our little boy. He's going to be starting kindergarten this fall, but can read already! I would LOVE to watch him read the reasons me and daddy love him so much! Thanks for the giveaway--it's so adorable!

the monkeys' mama said...

Awwwdorable! I'd definitely need two for my sweet daughters and then how awesome would it be for my oldest's preschool class to give a bag to each teacher?!? Since there are 10 kids in the class it'd be perfect for each child to write one thing...anyway, now I'm just getting excited

about my 2.5 year old I'd write that I love her compassion and tenderness to her 1-year old sister. It's the most endearing thing ever

Mini said...

i adore these precious little bags of goodness! i would give it to my fiance :) i would say, "i love you because you always believe in me. always take care of me. always love me the hardest that you can".

thanks for the opportunity! i love these!

Sarah :)