Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not a Baker

I can do a lot of things.
I can braid hair.
I can fold a fitted sheet like nobody's business.
I can wash 2 weenie dogs in 3 minutes flat and nobody gets hurt.
I can wear green comfy shoes with skinny jeans.
and do ballet positions at the same time (1st)

Sure I skipped (2nd) cause it just made my feet look too weird ( the others don't look weird at all.....right ) and (4th) escapes me.

I can not bake.
Not even boxed stuff. nope.
This particular day we attempted these cupcakes with this icing.
NOTE: if you bake these cupcakes this recipe makes 12 not 48.
The first mistake I make is I don't get all the ingredients ready first, it's
a symptom of my hyper-ness I am sure.
I just jump in 2 feet first and with a dern blindfold on.
Have you ever tried to mix ingredients with a mixer and you don't have all the stuff's chaos.
and ...and....and.....I have a hand mixer, cause....well I'm not a baker, and that baby gets all hot and sometimes even smokes. yikes.
The recipe said to cook for 10 minutes.
nope, not long enough. The cupcakes started to sink in the center when I took them out, still wet inside.
So I stuck them back in...probably a no no but I did it anyway.
Then...the icing recipe said to either use immediately or refrigerate.
Well lunch was calling so I chilled the icing while I ate.
Spreading chilled icing on cupcakes is are probably supposed to let it warm up a little but nah....I went ahead spread it on my cupcakes.
Notice there is no photo of my cupcakes....they looked so sad....pathetic.
But you know what....I made 24 and we only have 1 left, they were good...tasty...not pretty but tasty. Mr. JaneSays even took some to work for his buddies, I made him tell them Chloe made them....awful I know.
I do wish I could pull of this cupcake for Valentine's day but it may just send me into orbit, the thought of it stresses me out !!!!
If you wanna give it a shot HERE Is the recipe and if you wanna send me a dozen let me know, and if Mr. JaneSays takes a few to work I may or may not tell them I made them.

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1 comment:

Michele Pacey said...

Look at it this way:

You're very entertaining!

And a ballerina to boot.

You should take pictures of bathing 2 weenie dogs in 3 minutes flat.

And flaunt them like there's no tomorrow! :)