Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This concept is so yesterday.
All the news programs ran the ill effects of too heavy
purses and backpacks into the ground forever ago.
My bag is heavy
no doubt.
I don't really notice it when I'm carrying it
it's when I sit it down and it goes THUD
that's when neck and back care fairy, the same one
that spawned all those news stories
says to me
"what pray tell are you toting in there?"
To which I reply
"it's none of your business, you shouldn't be in a girl's purse....everything that is
in there I need, I can't take a single thing out"

I weighed the purse
to convince the fairy and myself that's it's not as heavy as it sounds.
5 pounds and 14.7 ounces.
Less than my baby Chloe on her birthday, less than Daisy my black weenie dog.
More than a turkey sandwich, more than a 2 liter Pepsi.
Is that bad....is that heavy...I dunno?
The heaviest goodie in my bag is my wallet
13.4 ounces (enter here joke about how it must be all the money)
(Enter here thunderous laughter)
Play along....what does your bag weigh?
What is the heaviest goodie in your bag?
Did the weight surprise you?
Don't be ashamed....carry your whole life in your bag if you want....if you need your kitchen sink while you are at the mall then you'll have it...right ?
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