Monday, January 17, 2011

my niece

When my cousin Summer asked me to take some
photos of her and Neal right before she pops I couldn't say no.
I didn't want to say no, I am not a photographer but hey...who knows
it just may be my next venture
in fact it may be our (Summer and I) next venture
2 cousins more like sisters, 2 cameras, lots of good times.
stay tuned.

so anyway Summer is my cousin but that baby she carries is my niece
confusing huh? she will not technically be my niece
but since I have pretty much no other chance to be an aunt
( my brother probably will not reproduce and it's probably best if he didn't and my hubs is an only)
this little bundle will be my niece.
Summer is "aunt" to Chloe, my girl, which by family tree standards is just all wrong but it's how we do it round here.
This lil' chic will be so spoiled
she is the second great - grandchild on our side Chloe was the first.
she will be the only grandchild to Summer's parents and to Neal's.
Summer is planning a no meds go girl...have it your way. Ha.

Neal, the daddy....keeps asking me will we really need all this stuff for the baby.......I answer yes... that and more...he's do I put this gently....he likes order so the burp cloth that is forever slung over the arm of the chair
the empty bottle that sits on the nightstand

the pacifier that takes up permanent residence on the coffee table

will probably drive him insane
for a few days
like clockwork
the mess.....the sleepless nights....the work......the pain......the worries.
will all fade away
and Summer and Neal will fall deeper and deeper in love
more in love than they have ever been before
with their little bundle
with my niece.
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kristine said...

great pictures! photography is definitely your thing! you did an excellent job - and she is gorgeous! tell her a stranger in blogland said "she can do it!" with no meds!!! :)

Hershey's Moma said...

YOu took great pictures. I'm sure she will treasure these!

Theresa said...

Adorable! So exciting!!!

Tenley Clark said...

What adorable shots!! I Absolutely adore the heart garland and aqua background!

PS. Looks like we read a lot of the same blogs. I love your blog and added it to my reader =)

Gina said...

beautiful pictures! and there's nothing wrong with lots of aunties-my kids have some extras too...I think most kids need all the aunties and cousins they can get!

Neal said...

I did have a small anxiety attack when I read about the pacifiers, burp cloths and empty bottles... But if Baby T turns out anything like CJ it will all be worth it... like your blog btw! - Neal