Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swell Seven

I love the cover shot sweet lil' glitter shoe feet.
I want this book....badly.
This is SWELL for so many reasons.
That's my niece in there...she is due any day now.
I had the privilege of taking Summer and Neal's maternity photos last week.....I had so much fun and yes that is my Colors of LOVE Valentine can get it here.
Organization rocks my world...I am forever organized
(no source....if you know the source for this photo let me know)
Every time I am thrifting I resist buying old cameras.....I don't have one more inch of space for a collection of any sort....but the display of this collection is making me weak.
For reals...for serious.
This little book...the UnManual by Drew B. just makes my day.
I bought this a few weeks ago...and my friends I am shooting in Manual more and more.
If you want to go from Automatic to this book.

Fabric Tape.
Oh the uses....oh the possibilities.
You can make it.....see how HERE.
Serious...this dress is not cute had to name it Once A'Fawn A Time.
Hope you enjoyed my Swell Seven
have a happy day
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