Monday, January 24, 2011

Mom's Pancakes

I guess I am getting better at it,
at making pancakes
Chloe has greeted me a few mornings now
just recently with
"mornin Mom....can we make pancakes?" As long as I have the necessary ingredients I
am always game.
Pancakes, well these pancakes, are near and dear to me
they have MOM, my mom, written all over them.
They remind me of Saturday mornings, GOOD cartoons, and sticky fingers and hair.
The ingredients are simple
1. self rising flour
2. egg(s)
3. milk
I can't tell you how much of each, because well I don't know
it's a consistency thing, thick but loose enough to pour.
I know I don't see anyone contacting me about a cookbook any time soon either.
I can't make them nearly as good as my mom.
She gets the perfect nooks and crannies.....yum....just perfect.
I am getting better though.
Mom fries hers in Crisco, and I have been using vegetable oil
because I have not had Crisco in my house for months....but
with Chloe's new liking for MY my Mom's pancakes
I will be picking some up....probably today.
There is only one syrup I'll eat on
Mom's pancakes.
KING Syrup, it's thick and sweet, the bottles is always sticky and I like to let it sit in some hot water while I making pancakes to warm it up.
The lion reminds me of The Wizard of Oz.
Now we are ready to dig in
oh and two more things you do not fork break pieces off and drag them
thru the syrup and you ALWAYS have a damp paper towel for wiping hands, chin, mouth and hair .... because that's how Mom always did it.

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Hershey's Moma said...

I love to make pancakes for my kids to. Do you all lick your plate clean too?? (i tell my kids only at home!)
-This is a sweet post.

{Amy} said...

um...we love making pancakes and waffles. the kids love them, your s sound really good. thanks for joining in for coffee!