Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Swell Seven

Over-dyeing fabrics, first I saw it here, the lovely Ashley at Under the Sycamore.....well
she'll try just about anything. Doesn't that look fun? You can here to get directions from Martha Stewart herself.

J-Totes...I have seen these beauties here and there for a while now...this berry color drives me wild.

Surprise....Happy Valentine's Day now read the bottom of your mug....go it. Adorable from Ruche. fun are these...I would like a whole stack in teal, yellow and hot pink. You can go get you a stack here.

I know I know...sounds weird....not really a flavor you want in ya gum...but it's so good and refreshing the flavor lasts forever. You can get it here...but that would be just silly....the store around the corner has it too....go getcha some.

ok...I don't really even know where to start here. The skill, the talent, the detail...I want a 64 pack just to sit out and be pretty in my studio. You can see more here and here and here. The artist is Diem Chau and the work is amazing.

Who doesn't need a fun and free printable chore chart for those little boogers running around the can get this one here. Put those kiddos to's good for them, and well's good for you too.

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Tara said...

Ohhh, I love that bag! I'd have to get a cool camera for it too! It's o.k. to dream right?!

Andee said...

Ack! I could really get into overdyeing fabrics. Looks fun.