Monday, January 3, 2011

What is a Full Load

Today Chloe bit the dust on the playground at school
the knees of her pants caked in mud...the best kind of mud.
They of course had to washed immediately you can't just let red mud sit. I flicked off the big pieces and since I had just done laundry I didn't have much
to throw in with the jeans....and I can't stand to run a load if it's not full.
I put in her jeans a few washcloths another pair of jeans...her running shoes, the toe of the right one was playing around in the mud with her knees.
I went to my room to peel of my work clothes and get into my really horrid around the house clothes, you know the perfect ones with the holes and the paint on them.....Mhmmm...yes those.
It was just them that I noticed I could go toss my brown socks I had just removed in the washer also.
When I opened the lid, mind you this is not the first time I have even opened the lid just as the washer has started to agitate, but this time I noticed something I don't recall seeing before. It was like a storm in there.....all sloshing and violent and turbulent. I tossed the sock in and had an enlightening have I been over-loading my washer all my clothes washing life? Were the clothes always packed in too tight to slosh....and therefore to get clean clean.
Just what is a full load....what is a small load...and my washer had a medium load....for real what it that ?
So now here I will sit for a few and google what is a full washing machine load and see if I can't clear this up for myself....I think I have been sending my family out in not as clean as they can be clothes......woe is me.
have a happy day

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Mdegraeve said...

your funny;)
i have one husband, 4 daughters, and three dogs. i think every load of wash i do is over filled. so you are not the only one who sends their family out there with not clean "clean" clothes. lol

Margaret said...

Mine are always filled full. Laundry is my least favorite chore, so I do as much at once as I can get by with. I am sure it isn't good for the clothes or the machine.