Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's In My Car..

not so sure I I went to find out. Over at Rocks In My Dryer the question is being asked...What's in your car? here goes.

8 hair clips

76 napkins

2 pairs of glasses




2 pr. of headphones

Iron Man Sunglasses

wristlet for stashing cash for a quick run in a shop


empty wipes container

3 french fries

1 waffle fry

10 straws

glove compartment...papers papers papers

ice scraper

note reminding me that Ronald McDonald will be at our local McD's May 31

Water Bottle


2 Antibacterial bottles



Nemo blanket

2 beach towels


credit card offers

Ummm..feminine products 2 to be exact

extra panties for Chloe

1 dime

3 pennies

sparkly change purse with my Monogram



3 crayons

phone charger

photo of Chloe

lip gloss

sun shades

ink pens(3)

post it notes


Well now....that's not so much....right ?!?!

That was a blast and now my car is clean....kinda.

So what is in your car?

have a happy day

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lily eden said...

OMG, that is A.L.O.T of stuff--wow. LOL!

traci said...

I was cracking up reading that list because it sounds like MY VAN!!! HOW FUNNY...and then you added it was clean (
I needed a good laugh today after FAMILY DRAMA..Im soooooooo not a family drama kinda gal.

Sara said...

Here because of the carnival, and had to tell you that instead of "sparkley change purse with my monogram" I read "mamogram". Wow.

I'll post my contents later, with pictures, I promise it will make your car look spotless by comparison!

A Wonderful Life! said...

Good Lord. I think we were sisters in another life. I actually found you on Etsy looking at your things. Beautiful.


Lady Why said...

I had a few antibacterial bottles in my van too! Kindred spirits!

traci said...

wow, that's a lot of stuff in your car - great idea. i need to do that. my list won't be as long though - i don't think. i probably will be amazed with what i find in there.