Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekends are for this and that....

Hope you had a fun-loving weekend...

Why is it that a sandwich or salad made by someone else is always better than if you make it yourself? is a little challenge for ya....I often sit and think about how my room at my childhood home looked at various stages of my life....Duran Duran phase (Hello John Taylor).....New Kids On The Block phase (Hello Jordan Knight)....the stolen street sign and traffic cone phase (hello law-breaking)........yes we did that in the South...maybe you did too. So when I sit and think about this...I wish my mom had went in my room when I was not around and took a photo or 2... then just held onto them....I would love to have those room was my cozy private place...and it would be so comforting to be able to see it see every detail. So every time I change Chloe's room or playroom I take a pic.....and I will do this as long as she lives with me especially when she is the one decorating her own room.....just so she can have those memories recorded for her....Cheesy??...maybe.....Special??...Yes.
Garage sale find....perhaps my best and most favorite ever ....a teeny tiny wheelbarrow......$ simply loves it...and she has been weeding my gardens all weekend....its practically already paid for itself.
6 books for $ can NEVER have too many books.
We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my grandparents Saturday morning....Chloe packed her little Puma purse with Chicken Little Figures to take along...Just how many can you fit in a tiny Puma purse?
7.....and now they all have the sweet scent of maple syrup.
I just enjoyed watching these dogs....on our way to dinner Saturday night...Fire trucks were passing and these dogs were just a howling on their cute.
new fabric....who knows??
Yay!!!!.....a new cutter and its pink....divine !!
Good mail.....
I really wanna make one of these....
My favorite catalog cover in quite a while.....Here comes the FUN indeed.
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have a happy day

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Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh how your posts speak to me!! hehee! First, i too had the NKOTB bedroom stage AND the stolen street sign it's not just the south! You are so funny! And I love your new finds! I wanna go garage salin' with you!!

Gail :) said...

Too funny... I have been taking detailed pictures of all of Gina's spaces for the same reason! I am so sentimental, I looked through all of my mom's photos recently hoping to find one of my favorite childhood spaces, no luck :( Keep it up for Chloe, however I fear that G may not be as sentimental, so goes the cycle.