Friday, May 23, 2008

Pods and Pedals

Chloe did some "vegetable" collecting today at Nana's, you are correct if you are saying to yourself that is no vegetable I have ever seen. Mom said they are some kind of seed pod from here iris. Chloe can't be satisfied with one of anything....many are so much better. We live in a neighborhood with yards the size of a postage stamp....precisely the reason we have a For Sale sign in our yard....I am ready for the day she can take off out the back door and collect goodies and have adventures like I did growing up. When we signed the contract to build this home we did not know we were pregnant....that tidbit of information would have lead us in a different direction. I am so thankful that she gets to be a bumble bee....a race car driver....a gardner....a farmer....everyday in her Nana's yard
The wheels of my childhood adventures Flutterby came home with us today from Nana's so Chloe can learn to ride bikes with her daddy. Its heart warming to see her hop on my sweet little pink bike and's to selling this house so she can ride Flutterby into many an adventure.

have a happy day
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traci said...

that is the cutest bike. how special that your daughter gets to learn on your old bike. sweet.

C said...

You and your family could not get any cuter!! :)

Julie said...

That was my dream bike when I was little! I love that your girl gets to ride it.