Saturday, May 10, 2008


Mother's Day Goodies.........For ALWAYS making it OK (I am from a home that broke when I was a teenager) and you always held it together for me and my brother.

For awesome spaghetti.

For allowing me enough space but never too much.

For giving me the tools I need to be what I believe is a pretty wonderful Mother myself.

For encouraging books and reading.

For taking me to church....even when you had to take me by yourself.

For sitting at home by yourself on Friday and Saturday night while I teenage butt was too hung up on dating to even notice...thanks for letting me be a teenager.

For great birthday parties and sleepovers.

For showing me the importance of family.

For working hard and supporting me and my yourself.

For great summers...(mom was a teacher so we always had summers together).

For great memories of my childhood...I hardly remember the tough times...the good times shine thru.

For being the best Nana I could ever ask for....Chloe is over the moon with you.

For sacrificing.

For praying.

For believing.

For getting us home in the snow that day....I was and am so proud of you for being so brave.

For buying me what was probably way too much stuff...but you never let me go without...just so I could be "cool".

For punishment...while I didn't' get was the right amount at the right times.

For supporting me and my sometimes wild ideas for example Gardner Webb.

For letting me make beneficial mistakes.

For praying to meet a Christian man....(Mom after I got over the shock of you remarrying...I must say....I don't think there could be a better person for two are like bread and butter.)

For teaching me about the importance of being kind to others....especially the less fortunate and the elderly....I admire you so much for all the time you and Jerry spend helping others.

For gardening advice.

For buying my lunch.

For being very helpful and supportive of know I love it and I feel like you truly appreciate my craft.

For sitting up with me late at night while I was going through my hypochondriac phase and I just knew that mole was cancer. (hahaha...I can really laugh at that now)

Well to keep this post from running way long......MOM YOU ROCK....YOU HAVE ALWAYS ROCKED....AND CHLOE AND I KNOW YOU WILL ALWAYS ROCK.

We Love You
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You can call me Lucky. said...

Hi April. I was having a hard day today, really hard. And I came to your blog to check it out and saw the bible verse. I just wanted you to know that it made me feel so good to read it. I know it was such a simple thing, but I needed that in that moment. Who would have thought I would find a little peace on someone's blog? :)
Thank you.

Amy Bell said...

dear april's mom,
your daughter is wonderful...we all love her!
happy mother's day!

Holly said... super sweet, April. What a wonderful way to wish your fabulous mom, a happy day.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!