Saturday, May 24, 2008


What is sweet....colorful...has 8 feet and comes from Virgina ?? You will have the whole Saturday post to ponder that..... the answer is at the very bottom.
Sweet birdy hand towel....just flew into JaneSays today....a bunch all dolled up with flowers coming soon !!!(hopefully) refreshing does this look we WILL be having these this Summer at Panera Bread. Garage Sale goodies....puzzles, Chloe is so good with puzzles...I always enjoyed them too. At this particular garage sale they had some really vintage toys...remember Mr. Mouth and Colorforms?
we always get some books.
Mickey Mouse Memory...what a find.

Gotta get school ready...Chloe has only 1 more year of preschool...then ...oh gosh...I cant talk about it.
Buggy bingo...could not hurt to review the numbers real good too.
another great spent $7.00...... Yay !!!!!!Thank you CRYSTAL for the goodie package.....its sweet...its has 8 feet...and its from the SWEETEST PERSON in Virgina. would not hurt my feelings a bit if this doll baby moved right next door to me......I love this chic.
Ahhhhhh....a cupcake in a jar.....G had to dig in first....that's what I get for having to photograph everything real quick, oh the life of a blogger.....we ate only half because we have a date night to night and we are having uninterrupted big people's dinner...Woooo was DELISH...I love the cookies in the middle. We will finish this tonight....and then since we are home baby...she is with the grandparents.....we are gonna........

SLEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes we are......we can't wait !! Can I get an AMEN moms ??

have a happy day
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lily eden said...

hooray for date night! we're having one tomorrow night--for the first time since Lil's been born! Gramma and papa are sleepin over--can't wait!! hope you have fun!!

meg duerksen said...

enjoy your sleep!
but it IS your weekend alone...i hope you do more than just sleep!

have a restful refreshing weekend.
i am jealous.

Bethany said...

Can I just tell you that I love to read your blog?! Something about your style of writing just cracks me up and I am always laughing about something you have written!!

Looks like you made a haul at the garage sales! Way to go!! Loving those cupcakes in a jar from Crystal!! TOO fun!!

Enjoy your long weekend! Hope you got to sleep in this morning without the baby girl around!! :)