Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am I Completely Insane...?

I hate this thing about my methods...but I can't change it....its my laundry routine...I just took a load of light clothes out of the dryer....the only way my high-strung....type A...way too hyper sit down for a gosh darn minute and take a break butt can do this piece by piece...I take one or two pieces out of the may be one sock belonging to Chloe...and one tank top belonging to me...I take those and put them away...

then I go get 2 more....

then 2 more....and so goes the madness.

Why can't I do the folding and the sorting in the laundry room...and carry nice neat stacks to their final destination...

or why can't I throw it all in a basket and go SIT DOWN for a cotton pickin' minute and fold laundry while watching the news or something,,,,

I drive myself nutzzzzzzzzzzz

do you ever drive yourself nutzzzzz???
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Bethany said...

Don't beat yourself up about your laundry...I make ours far more complicated than I need to myself!

For instance, I wash my son's clothes alone (lights, darks, random pieces). Then I will wash my daughter's alone...but at almost 2 she has things that have to be hand washed or washed separately already!! Ay ay ay!!

Then I wash some of mine and my husbands together, but mostly separate too. And almost all of my stuff gets washed all by itself and doesn't get dried.

So see, just typing all that out took forever and is confusing! You are not alone!! I used to gripe and complain but everyone told me it was my own fault so since then I have just started sucking it up and doing it!!!

Love your blog!! It is always so fun to read!

lily eden said...

yep--you're insane! That's craziness for sure. I drive myself crazy with just DOING laundry, always at least a load a day, usually 2. Never can use anything more than once before it has to be washed, especially towels.