Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Together Tuesday....

Happy happy Tuesday ....first let me pat myself on the back....my first little hand towel has sold...yay !!!!!! Thanks again to Crystal for the inspiration !!! Hugz friend !!
Posie Trio hand towel....need one...can't live without one...great for that college kid heading off soon......lpretty up that boring dorm room let me know !!

Is it just our stuffed animals that do it like rabbits.....or do you have 3 more every time you turn around...they must have been at it this morning when I was in the shower....hmmmmm??
operation rollie pollie rescue..... she rescues them from inside then literally throws them outside....ouch that's gotta hurt !!

no together tuesday would be complete without.....TARGET !!!!! oh yea and Michaels..and Old navy...and a new shop ULTA
craft purchases....clay for a HUGE handmade button order...100 to be exact !! Remember the fill in the blank thingy....I said I wanted to try tie-dying....well here goes nothing. That cherish wall hanging....will be covered in paper and fantastic goodies...a ceramic monkey for Chloe to paint when she need to exercise her creative muscle....a cruise boat for a custom retirement card....and some more little gift bags to embellish.
the boring stuff......and the yummy stuff....
sweet goodies for Chloe....that striped dress is terry cloth...scrumptious...wish they made it in my size.
Dollar section goodies....love love love the travel food/water dish for Lei Lei....its fabric with a plastic lining and it folds up all nice.

Comfy doll-baby top for me.
ok..this thing is just so cute...its a bee hat helmet type thing....Chloe wont' take it off.....oh great I can see us now at dinner tonight with the crazy bee child.....and Chloe and her bee helmet are inside of a fabulous $7 tub from target....for all of those hot and bothered stuffed animals.
we love to have lunch in the car at Chick-fil-a...Chloe comes up front and sits with me....and fiddles with all of the buttons....and when she is feeling extra frisky she pushes my OnStar button...."Ummm..sorry mam...no emergency...just my 3 year old....AGAIN !!!!"We got this beauty for Chloe at Old Navy....Shelley I thought of Lilyana when I saw this.
Have you been to an ULTA.?....ours if fairly new and we ventured in today...I needed a new round brush...may my old one rest in peace....G has to keep gluing the brush part back to the handle....I figured it was just time to get a new one....and you know Chloe loves this Horton Hears a Who line.....and they smell so good.they gave me a frequent shopper card...with loads of perks...nothing like a perk to suck me in. This tells of all the FREE goodies you can get when you spend your money there. I will tell you how to get me to shop with you....offer FREE GAS, now that is a perk.
have a happy day
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traci said...

Im starting to look forward to your tuesday shopping days. I love Targets stuff too but sometimes I think they are "kinda proud of their stuff" as my dad calls it. But....its fun and you can always find deals. Have not heard of ULTRA. Will have to look that up.
Cute white baby doll top...actually didnt see anything I didnt like..lol
So do you not shop on the weekends and just save it for Tues. or do you do BOTH? lol

Tracy said...

I love the cruise boat!!! The card is going to be so cool! Thanks so much, April!


Amy Bell said...

oh, love the tuesday blogs...chick fil a...yum. oh, the target finds...that baby doll top is cute...and can be bleached..a bonus for a mom...i LOVE the hand towel.. sassy,sassy...

got a little surprise for you on my blog...:)

lily eden said...

April! That Old Navy dress is ADORABLE! That is sooo Lily! Cute cute cute! And I bought some of those almond thingys--delish! And, yes, ULTA is awesome--best deals there!

lily eden said...

P.S. I liked is better when the "word verification" was turned off!!!

C said...

I lOOOOOOOOVe that babydoll top!!! I have looked at it a million times and they never have a medium! :(

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i have that same comfy babydoll top in gray... LOVE it! way comfy!

went to Bullseye Boutique (Target) today too... full cart... screaming three year old... an hour later... walked out feeling happy! :)

ivwhy said...

did you ever start on the tie dye project? if you EVER need rubberbands (nice thick ones), let me know. i get tons of them at work.they are just used once & then it gets tossed! not very green of the company! i've been secretly keeping them stashed away hoping to have some takers. cute towels!just catching up on your blog.