Monday, January 2, 2012


We had sooo much snow in January, it was fantabulous !!!

Our Valentine photo shoot in February turned into some really cute valentines
and hours of fun.

While this was actually a February event, my new precious niece Sunny
came to visit me in March.
She smelled so good.

My sweetie and my other sweetie were in the home run derby in April.
They both won first place.
It was all we could talk about for days.

Chloe tried out softball in May.
She sure is cute huh ?

In June we drew with sparklers.
Some shapes are easier than others....duh.

In July Chloe turned the BIG 7 with her best buddies by
her side.
Bowling anyone ??

August was Disney month.
My favorite place on earth.
People always ask so let me tell you
this awesome photo backdrop is at Hollywood Studios at the
Streets of America.

Took Chloe to her first county fair in September.
Oh the people you see at the fair.

I got my first cowboy boots in October.
They are my favorite shoes to date.

In November we took part in the Boosterthon fundraiser at
our school.
This is the BEST school fundraiser I have ever took part in.

December, just 5 short week out of open heart surgery my Grandpa
was able to hold his great granddaughters ... he calls them his jewels, at Christmas.
So  happy !!

Do you know how hard it was to choose just one photo from each month
of 2011.  I could do this post 10 times over.

see ya'll

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Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

such cute those boots!