Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Red Velvet

Don't ask me why I had the desire to make something sweet after the over-indulgence that was Christmas having just left us.

I have never made anything red velvet in my life and I have had this recipe on my Pinterest Treats board for a while now.
So I decided this was the sweet to attempt .... plus
Garren loves red velvet.
Chloe loves anything sweet.
And ... I love red.

The above photo..not my cupcake..nope not so much.
I am real bad to jump into recipes BEFORE I read the entire recipe and this time while it did not cost me flavor (they are delicious) but,  it did cost me looks.

Those cupcakes up there are Monica's at Lick the Bowl Good.

I started to set out all the ingredients and do the "blog" photo and then I retreated.
My goal in blogging is not to plan my posts as I often do, I need to let my posts happen and then that
too keeps my from planning the "event" which thus leads to me stressing over the "event" and not enjoying the "event".
So here we are mid-baking. No planning here people.
Chloe thought the little white pile there in the bottom left corner was sugar. 
She left the kitchen for 3 minutes mad as a hornet at me.
She returned when I told her I was fixing to turn things RED.

I LOVE that batter.

I have a question.
Chloe picks out the fancy cupcake liners, I would personally always use the cheapy pastel or metal looking ones but she wants the nice fancy ones.
Well, these fancy ones, they are not pretty after the baking is done.  The oil and grease from the cupcake
saturates the liner and then they are just, well ... ugly.
Is there a trick?
Is there something I am missing ?

Time to fill the cups.
This is where a  little reading would have paid off.
It should have been.
Red batter 1/3 of the way full.
Then the white batter in a layer.
Then red again and then a  white dot.
Think Target.

Here is my red, then my white.
My white would not really make a layer more like a dollop.

And then red again.

Not the bulls eye look but the white does peek thru here and there.
They are really good.
Not too sweet, just right.
I may up the cream cheese next time OR I may ice them. 
I doubled the recipe because 8 cupcakes is just a tease for us.


Yours truly doing the dishes.

see ya'll
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