Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Book Of LOVE Tutorial

With Valentine;s Day around the corner I thought I would do a re-post of this cute Valentine Craft
Enjoy !!!

Little Book of LOVE Tutorial Just in time for Valentine's Day, a sweet little book you can make for you lovies.
First I created an image on my computer and printed out iron on transfers ( Be sure to print in mirror image when you make they will iron on correctly). I iron these onto white fabric and then cut them out while leaving about a 1/4 inch white border around them.
If you do not have the ability or know how to make an image on your computer you can use fabric markers and make something real cute I am sure.
Cut your felt book cover(s).
I cut mine so that when it is folded over, like a book, it will measure approx. 3.5 x 3.5.
You can of course make yours any size.Fold it over to your desired book size.
Now to keep everything nice and straight I cut both layers together at the opening side of the book.

I am making 2 books so I have a pink and a red this point the outside covers are cut and ready.
To make the pages I cut regular white paper width ways just a bit smaller than my book and then fold those over.
Stick the paper folded size in to the spine of your book, this will tell you where you need to trim your pages so they will not stick out of your book.

Trim the pages.
I include just enough for 10 things I love about you....10 pages.
Put as many as you like but keep in mind we will be sewing thru these in a bit.
On the cover you can also simply add a few felt hearts to the cover that is cute as pie too.

Now I sew my iron on image onto a contrasting color of felt.
I trim the felt away leaving 1/4 inch of the red felt around the white fabric.

Sew your image on the red felt on to the cover of your sure you have it turned the right way so it works as a book.
With the folded side in once again stick the pages inside your book.
Being sure to hold the pages real steady stitch with a WIDE (far apart) stitch right next to the spine of the book. Be sure to use a wide stitch because a narrow or close stitch will basically leave a line of really close together holes in your pages and that will not last.
So simple.
Your kids especially will love this.
This is what I put in my hubby's....I do indeed LOVE when he starts my car and turns on my heated seats.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day.

see ya'll
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Tara said...

Beautiful! What a keepsake!

sjmcdowell said...

Awww sooo sweet April!

Love your ideas!

Hugs and Happiness,


Anonymous said...

April, this is so beautiful!

Michele Pacey said...

Hi April! I wanted to stop by and thank you for stopping by and leaving your insightful comment on my blog yesterday.

Okay. Obviously I really need to take a serious look at Etsy. People love it, you included. So I will definitely do that!

You have a lovely place here btw. Mind if I take a look around?


Cassie said...

This is so darn cute I can't stand it!!!! I would love it if you linked to our Valentine Party!