Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold Eggs and Butter

I have been waiting on these 4 lil' bananas on my counter to ripen all weekend.
Today was finally the day I could make the world's best banana muffins.
I was confronted with a small dilemma when I got out the recipe....it never occurred to  me
before but it says 2 eggs at room temp
and one stick (Wooo Hoooo) of butter at room temp.
I needed at room temp. eggs and butter ????
What do you do when you need to bake NOW and your eggs and butter are not at room temp ?

Why do they even need to be at room temp ?
Surely I can just do my baking with not quite room temp ingredients....can't I?

Turns out no, not really, well you shouldn't.
Not using room temp. eggs and butter can cause problems.
Who knew?
It gets really scientific...HERE is a great explanation.

Now I know it really shouldn't seem like rocket science as to how to quickly
get eggs and butter to near room temp.
But, I didn't think them not being at such a temp was a problem either so I decided that I better
do some research as to the BEST way to achieve room temp. in a hurry.

It would appear that it is best to plan your baking and set these goodies out in ample time.

I will say however I used cold eggs and pretty cold butter and my muffins are smacktastic as always.
So...I dont knnoooooowww (sing song voice)

see ya'll

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Laura said...

those look yummy! can you please share your recipe? my little guy LOVES banana anything! thanks!