Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Honey Love Bear A Tutorial

 Before you toss out that cute lil' bear honey jar....stop.

Hula girl saw the potential in  honey bear and I did too.
So I cleaned him up, hot water, soap and goo gone did the trick.

 Grab your favorite glitter, some Mod Podge and yep, Mr. honey bear all cleaned out and de-stickered.

Pour a small amount of Mod Podge inside of the bear, not a crazy amount because you will need to let
the excess run out before you glitter.

Roll him around and let the Mod Podge cover all of the inside surface.

Turn him over on a paper towel or I turned mine over in my trash can on some tossed out paper towels and let all the excess Mod Podge run out. Turn him a few times so it does not hide in the arms and face area.  Too much Mod Podge will prevent your glitter from showing from the outside.

Pour a good bit of glitter in, screw the cap back on and shake.
I glittered 3 or 4 times before all the surfaces were covered.  You can best tell this by looking inside
you will still see the white Mod Podge on the outside until it is completely dry.

I had to add a tad more Mod Podge to a few areas with a long brush and a tad more glitter.  I had a couple
of small spots with no glitter.  Be sure when you are applying the  Mod Podge and glitter that you
let it get in the arms, eyes and nose area really good, because that is hard to get to with a brush if you need to re-apply.

Once bear was completely dry ( this took 2 days) I added a pink felt heart to his belly.
For cuteness of course.

Cut a black circle from black card stock and trace the lid on it, cut on the line where you traced the lid creating a do-nut.
This circle will fit over the opening of bear with the lid off, this will be the rim of his top hat.
Save the piece that you cut out it will be a pattern later.

 Like so.

 Cut a length of felt that will wrap around the lid of the bottle this is the cylinder portion of the top hat. Mine was 7 inches by 2 inches, just be sure yours will fit your particular lid.  You will cut the excess off the top later when you put it on.  Lay this piece aside for now.

 Put the lid on.

 The piece that you cut out of the black card stock, cut a black felt circle that size.  Glue this to the top of the lid, the part that opens, this is the very top of the hat.

Now wrap the long black felt piece around the lid and glue it all the way around.
Cut the excess from the top.

What a cute little gentleman don't ya think ..... and just in time for Valentine's Day.
You could really do lots of things with a cute little honey bear....don't toss those ever again.   Ever.

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Kate@SongsKateSang said...

He is a VERY handsome little gentleman!

Laura said...

super cute!

Mdegraeve said...

he's a cutie;)