Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day

Finally feeling like myself .... the holidays pack a punch.
Disorganization and mess get me out of whack
All the decor, gifts and mess is put away.
All the rooms have been cleaned and cleaned out and
seeing as I am not a pack rat it's always pretty quick and painless.

I have went to Target twice, no three times since Christmas.
I usually get up early and catch the day after Christmas deals
but this year I stayed in bed.
There was nothing at Target I needed more than sleep this year.
But, I did go later, much later that day.
I snagged lots of ornaments for next year.
Some ribbon.
Loads of felt heart ornaments which double as GREAT Valentine decor.
On my second trip I grabbed a tray and 2 small sequin trees I had my eye on
for 70% off.
I do I do love Target.
Oh and today I went for a few groceries and grabbed this cute trio of bags
only $10.   I love em'.
I had a purse in my hand to but it was only 30% off, it will go cheaper.
This I know.

This is the new message on the hallway chalkboard.
The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It.
You know that is so true.
In 2012, keep your watering can handy.

I gave the lovely framed crewel piece to my mom a while back.
Is it ok if I regret it ?

Chloe's love right now is horses.
We only have a big enough yard for play horses.
She keeps reminding me of that fact.
Does every kid eventually want a gigantic animal ?

tonight or tomorrow.
It calls for salsa.
I dislike jarred salsa very  much and I don't make my own....yet.
Anyone know of a delicious one or a good substitute ??

I did not eat black eyed peas and greens today but my husband did
I hope that transfers to me that would stink if only he
got rich.

see ya'll

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