Friday, January 13, 2012


I told you it was a score.
If you thrift, you know that feeling I am talking about.
You spot a jewel on the shelf amongst the crap.
Just in case the man in the shiny red athletic jacket from the 80's with no shirt under it chest hair
peeking and all or
the lady in the brown too small loafers sees the jewel too
you dash.
Trying not to seem to eager, I mean why would anyone dash for anything in a thrift store ?
People really look  at you when you do that.
Oooh...what is she getting ?
What did she just get?
Why does she want that ?
Is that valuable ?

While most of the folks in the thrift shop today had no clue
why I would want a pair of vintage paint by number owls
is understandable.
But I know you know why.

Best part .... on the back they read:
Painted by Mama 1976.

see ya'll
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Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Aww, painted by Mama!! Love..

Anonymous said...

Melted... painted by Mama...

Linda said...

Oh got my mom's paint by numbers owls. What are the chances?

Linda said...

Oh wow...there's my mom's paint by numbers owls. Wondered where they were.