Friday, January 20, 2012

Felt Heart Garland Tutorial

With not a lot of free time to blog this week I thought it would be seasonally appropriate to do a re-post of the felt valentine garland tutorial.
It's easy it's fun and it's so pretty.
Enjoy !!!

I say this is MY felt heart garland because.....well they are everywhere.
After making my own I can see why.
It was and it's so cute when it's done. This will last way past Valentine's Day for me.
I adore it....I do.
Early one morning I gathered my goodies and
my right hand lady Ms. Chloe and a garland making we go.
Cut loads and loads of felt hearts, it's helpful if you have some sort of die-cutter
and even more helpful if you have a right hand lady to operate it.
I love crafting pretty....even if the photo is grainy.
Now just feed those hearts under the presser foot and sew they hearts together.

It is really so therapeutic....the string of pretty hearts getting longer and longer the sewing machine making the job so just grabs each little heart and connects it to the next.
I can NEVER keep her out of felt or fabric scraps....she is after my own heart....really she it.

Eat your heart out.

Make you it.
It is just so simple and such a lovely addition to your mantle Valentine's Day or not.
Make it with your kids....the time spent far succeeds the garland as lovely as it is.
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