Thursday, January 19, 2012

Donuts and Pepsi

It's been one of those weeks
When kids get sick, man do they get sick.

We've had a roommate all week.
She would rather sleep on our floor than in her comfy bed
and truth be know I would rather her sleep on my floor too.
At what age do you stop feeling their forehead while they are sleeping, checking
for that evil fever.

She's laid around.
A lot.
A sure sign that my child does not feel good, because my child does NOT lie around.
She has watched a dozen movies.
I love Up and Where the Wild Things Are.

 She has ate whatever she wanted.
As long as she eats I don't care, even if it's donuts and a
Pepsi or three.

Advil Tylenol Advil Tylenol.
Wet, cool rags.
Feeling the forehead.
Adjusting the quilt 100 times.
Wiping the nose.
Listening to the deep LOUD cough.
Changing to short sleeves because she's hot and back
to long because she's cold.
Picking up meds.
Trips to the Dr.

It's gets exhausting.
Ready for this yucky to go away.
And she missed school all week too ....... nice.

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