Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Random Post

I have attempted potato soup a dozen times....should be pretty simple right?
You probably have potato soup down, well not I.
Mine always Always ALWAYS looked yucky.  Every recipe I tried sort of separated, none of my previous attempts looked creamy they looked gross.

Since everything I have cooked from the Our Best Bites site has been fabulous, I thought I should give their potato soup a fair shot.

This soup was perfect.
After dinner it was printed and put in THE book, it's a keeper.
If you need a potato soup or just want to try this one, you can find it here.

Do you have a trim hoarding problem ?
I most certainly do.
I would be embarrassed to show you every spot that holds trim in my studio.
I love trim.
I love it so much I hate using it.
I buy bags of vintage trim at thrift shops with the idea in my head that they will be good for
tying up packages.
But do you think I can use it when it comes time to tie up a package...nooo....I go get me some plain ole' yarn and tie that package right up.
If you have ever gotten a package from JaneSays or JaneSays Vintage and it was tied up in something besides yarn, consider yourself lucky, you caught me on a weak day.

The Love Boat theme has been in my head this week.
This show is a big emotion evoker for me.
It was on the night that Mama washed my hair for the weekend (Church on Sunday).
I remember vividly standing on a chair at the kitchen sink while she washed my hair with Prell in a tube or Green Suave and I could hear The Love Boat coming on and could not wait to get my towel wrapped around my head so I could go sit and watch while my hair dried.

And much like the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
If you think of The Love Boat and listen to the theme song
You will want to hear the Fantasy Island theme too.
Because they came on back to back....they go together like coffee and cream.

And if you get me going on anything, anything at all retro you will have a hard time getting me
to shut up.
So I will leave you with one more Too Close For Comfort.
Oh my gosh I LOVED this show.

Now I am off to Google Youtube and Wiki myself in to a retro television frenzy.

see ya'll

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