Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hearts or Not

I bought new dog bowls.
I don't know why, these dog bowls clearly serve the purpose
they hold the food for the dogs to eat it.
They are cute, the color (TEAL) is perfect, they say DOG across the front.
They are great.


Today I saw these are Target in the $2.50 section.
Ceramic hearts, I put them in my cart and rode them around
I debated putting them back a dozen times and even twice more while checking out.
Couldn't do it.

So I love them but I still love the old bowls too.
What to do ???

That's 2 votes for the heart bowls.
Let me know your favorite if you like.......

see ya'll

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Summer said...

I think the heart bowls should be seasonal-they should stay up until 2/14 and then maybe come back out on their birthdays or Christmas.

Mdegraeve said...

hmmmmm......i think i vote hearts. those little pups look to cute eatin' out of those. double dose of sweet-hearts.

Karen~ said...

Aww, cute bowls. I agree, maybe alternate them.